Into Oblivion

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  • Released to open beta!
  • Huge updates to UI.
  • Updates to stability of the engine (e.g. integers should stay integers now).
  • Reworked game engine to make future development much easier and faster.
  • Countless bug fixes and gameplay improvements.


  • Project Drakyros! Explore a brand-new region of the game with brand-new quests, NPCs, and features! Venture on a journey to become one with your inner dragon and unlock your true form!
  • Combat system
    • New abilities! Streamlined and balanced older abilities.
    • Talent trees: You can now pick from a variety of talents as you level up!
    • Range mechanic: You can now advance towards and distance yourself from your enemies! But beware, for they can do the same thing. Additionally, some abilities/items only work at a certain range.
    • Also magic-wielders aren't useless anymore *ahem*
  • Countless bug fixes, gameplay improvements, additional items, abilities, and spells added.


  • Books! Rulfwold the Leximage is a renowned wizard known for his keen enthusiasm for writing about the world around him. Scattered throughout Lovana are numerous books for you to read, giving you an insight into Lovana and all its mysteries.
  • Added attack types such as Normal, Pure, Piercing, True, et cetera, which modify how attacks behave with armour and other defensive stats
  • Improved quest log and created tabs in top-right of gametable; the Quest Log and the Settings menu are now contained here


  • Renovated the combat system
    • Added Combat Stats - characters and enemies now have a variety of important stats, some of which can even be modified mid-battle!
    • Added buff/debuff system. Both in and out of combat, characters can be acquire a variety of buffs and debuffs - watch out for flaming fireballs!
    • Enemies now have an array of abilities, some of which are unique, such as Claw Slash.
  • Added a Quest Log, making quests easier to track.
  • Fixed the abhorrent floating number issue; no longer shall you be left with 43.999887667777 health!
  • Improved back-end code for stability and speed


  • Implemented shops. Now you can buy and sell items with Lovania's famed merchants!
  • Re-designed the combat system. Attack, agility and defence have evolved to become more sophisticated stats, such as attack power, finesse and armour.
  • Implemented quests! Adventurers across the lands can lend aid to the citizens of Lovania, for reward, reputation and renown!
  • Implemented event log. Now you can keep track of events with a timestamped log.
  • Various back-end fixes and improvements


  • Integrated "tomes", a new type of item carried by Mages
  • Tomes now come with their own unique spells, which cost little-to-no mana
  • Added Gold to the UI
  • Fixed character generation
    • Characters now spawn with the correct items/abilities/spells
  • Fixed Road encounters
    • Those pesky bandits don't show up as often now


  • Improved map code


  • Added new spells
  • Improved inventory
  • Temporarily removed character customisation (a tricky decision; let us know what you think)
  • NPCs are fed up of standing in the same spot all day every day, and now move about and go home at night


  • Greatly improved combat
  • Optimised weapon-switching
    • Improved dual-wielding! You can now equip two different one-handed weapons instead of two of the same weapon (i.e. a Steel Sword in one hand and an Iron Sword in the other)
    • You can no longer equip a shield without another weapon equipped (running around with just a shield is frowned upon!)


  • Implemented dual-wielding!
  • Improved item databases
  • Improved inventory generation
  • Improved item use - it's a lot faster now!


  • Improved navigation
    • Co-ordinates and location can no longer be spoofed
    • Navigating is a *lot* faster


  • Updated index page to include devlog
  • Implemented day/night cycle!
  • Improved data loading


  • Updated index page
  • Updated login page
  • Updated registration page


  • Implemented customisable characters!
  • Introduced class specialisations
  • Enhanced images and character rendering


  • Converted character creation and character selection pages into the "Character Portal", where you can create new characters or select existing characters